Here much belatedly is our goodbye to you all… very much in the way a child covers their own eyes hoping that no one else can see them, we’ve been putting off this moment.

After more than 20 gloriously fun, challenging, exciting, creative, bonkers years of First Option, after all of our magnificent staff and collaborators, following all of the amazing clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with, we have now closed our doors for the last time.

We’re all on our own new paths now which of course brings excitement as well as the inevitable sense of loss of what once was. Blimey did we have a blast and we intend to focus on those times rather than, for example, when we were asked if we could stop the planes flying over during an especially delicate sound recording!

Sending love and success and happiness to you all and huge thanks for working with us in our beloved zip and suspender factory.


Crystal, Christine, David, Tara, Adam and Sal